A guide to provide customers' featured reivews and boost sale in a one section

The Testimonials section lets you feature quotes from customers. It's a type of social proof that talks about your brand, service, and overall experience of your existing customers, building confidence and trust in your potential customers.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section

  2. Locate Testimonials

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save.

Section settings

General settings

  • Select the Layout for your section as Full width/ Grid and the Color scheme;

  • Show stars in your testimonials and set the Stars color. The stars will show 5 stars in each testimonial by default.

  • Select the option Auto-rotate content to run the testimonial list automatically.

Layout settings

You can set the boxed layout for your section and select the boxed color scheme.

There are 6 different styles to show the testimonials.

Section header settings

Use the provided text fields to add a suitable heading/subheading/description. Leave any of them blank if you do not want to display them.

Adjust the text alignment (left/center) based on your requirements.

Block settings

To each of the testimonials, you can add a title, description, and the name of the author.

You can also add an image to the block (depend on the testimonials layout you are using) or a product (layout 6 only).

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