Google Maps

A guide to display stores' location

A great way to show your nearest store address when customers want to do offline shopping.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Add section.

  2. Locate Google map.

  3. Save.

In order for the maps to display correctly, remember to get its API key in Theme settings > Integration, see Get API key.

After getting the API key, you can now customize the section settings.

Section settings

Map settings

  • Height of the map: Small/Medium/Large;

  • Map style: Standard/silver/Retro/Dark/Night/Aubergine;

  • Set an image to show when the map is not loaded;

  • Map zoom: The map zoom is between 12 and 20. Simply tweak the toggle to change the value;

  • Map address: Insert your full address.

Content settings

You can decide on the Content position and Content alignment.

Check the corresponding option to display the content in container box

Block settings

You can show more information to your Google Maps about your brand's name, address, working hours, etc., and even add call-to-action buttons here.

To add content to your Google Maps, click Add block and select suitable blocks that meet your needs.

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