Handpicked products

A guide to add and use the handpicked products section to its full potential

The handpicked products section lets you display a product grid with handpicked items from your store inventory. Thanks to the handpicked products section, you can point visitors to the exact products that you want to highlight.

Customize a handpicked products section

A featured collection section has three blocks, namely: Section header, Product grid, and Button.

Section header

Use this block to give your section a heading, subheading, or description if needed.

Product grid


Select your handpicked items, you can add up to 50 products in one section.

Then, select the card style and image ratio for the product cards in this section.

Don't worry about the sold out badge, this is just to let you know how the badge would be!

Desktop and mobile layout

Create a perfect section across all devices by adjusting your desktop layout and mobile layout settings.

Uncheck Enable swipe on mobile to display your products as a grid in mobile view.


Add a button to redirect customers to your desired page.

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