Collection tabs

Learn to feature hand-picked collections with their highlight images in an interactive way

Collection tabs can be a great new way to showcase your highlighted collections and the information with an attractive design in one section.

Moreover, it can help you reduce page length and ensure mobile-friendliness for visitors.

Customize a Collection tabs section

A Collection tabs section has 2 blocks:

  • Section header and

  • Collection list

Section header

Use this block to give your section a Heading, Text, Button, Image, Icon, or Custom code if needed.

Collection list


Change the tab behavior when opening by selecting the suitable behavior in the Open tab behavior field with two options: Click and Hover.

Tip: Mobile always uses Click behavior.

Tip: If you want your Collection list tabs to change automatically after a certain interval, or pause on hovering without manually clicking/ hovering, turn on the Autoplay toggle.

👀 Note: It only works on the live page

Then, adjust the duration in the Change slide every field from 1s to 10s.

You can also provide the image with different aspect ratios in the Image aspect ratio field:

  • Square (1:1)

  • Portrait (3:4)

  • Landscape (4:3)

The Link can also be displayed in different styles in different positions:

  • Header icon link

  • Bottom button

  • Hidden

If you don't want to open the link in the current tab, enable the Open link in new tab toggle to open the link to a new tab


In the section, add the collections you want to display.

By default, it will show the collection's featured image and name, select a new image, and/ or add a new collection title.

You can also add the description under the collection tab by inserting it in the Text field.

Give the button a new label if the Link type in the General settings is the Bottom button.

You can also reorder them by dragging and dropping the collection name.

Desktop layout

Change the Desktop image position to the Left or Right.

  • The position will be automatically optimized for mobile

You can also change the following:

  • Desktop image width from 40% to 70%

  • Desktop content alignment with 3 options: Top, Middle, and Bottom

Customize your Collection list block

You can add and edit a maximum of 10 types of child blocks to the Collection list block in the Collection tabs section:

  • Block

  • Heading

  • Text

  • Button

  • Icon

  • Image

  • Add to cart button

  • Buy now button

  • Countdown

  • Custom code

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