General settings

In this article, you'll learn about the general settings tab of Foxify.

The functional parameters in the general settings tab vary depending on the selected element.

Common parameters


As readers scroll up and down the site, the animation, when enabled, is triggered once the element comes into view/after the page loads/on hovering.

A little bit of animation in the loading process can add some flair, impress users, and get their attention.

After selecting the Trigger condition for your Animation, you can choose the Animation type, its duration, and the delay time.

  • Animation type:

    • Fade in

      • Fade in up

      • Fade in down

      • Fade in left

      • Fade in right

    • Tada

    • Shake X

    • Shake Y

    • Head shake

    • Heart beat

    • Bounce in

    • Wobble

    • Swing

    • Flip in X

    • Light speed in right

    • Light speed in left

    • Spin

  • Duration: between 0.1s-2s

  • Delay time to perform the animation: 0-2s

💡You can easily know if one element's animation setting is configured using the hint shown on the left sidebar.


Visibility allows you to decide whether an element appears or hides on different devices giving you the ability to create Desktop and Tablet/Mobile versions of your pages.

By default, an element is visible to all four given views:

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Laptop

  • Desktop

To hide the element in a particular view, tweak the corresponding toggle.


In this example, we would like to hide the Testimonials section on tablet and mobile view, all we need to do is toggle off the options Show on tablet and Shop on mobile in the Visibility settings.

Custom attributes

Although Foxify offers a large variety of attributes, we understand that giving customers the freedom of creativity and execution is necessary.

That's when Custom attributes come in handy.

Once an element is selected, this can be found at the bottom of the General settings tab.

Supported attributes include:

  • ID

  • CSS classes

If you want to add multiple CSS class names to the field, make sure to leave a space between the classes.

All the settings set in that selected block will be overwritten by the Custom attributes (if present).

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