An overview of Foxify Dashboard

This article helps you understand more about Foxify Dashboard and use its full potential.

The Sticky menu

1. Account settings

This page includes:

  • Store details: Email address and Storefront password.

  • Theme Setting: to select a theme to work with Foxify.

  • Plan details: to manage or change your current app plan.

  • Notifications: to set the email notification type that you want to receive from us.

  • Preferences: to set your Timezone.

  • Data privacy: to manage your cookies.

  • Danger zone: to purge all Foxify files from your theme.

2. Notification

In-app notifications help you stay up-to-date with all changes and updates.

3. Product updates & announcements

In-app modal to show product updates & announcements.

4. Activity logs

Records all actions made by users in Foxify app. It helps you keep track of changes and monitor any unusual activities.

The Activity logs feature shows what changes have been made, when, and who made them.

The activity logs are view-only. They can't be exported.

Easy to search for any pages you created in Foxify using the search bar.

6. Manage your plan

Quick access to the Pricing plans page.

7. Help Center

This button directs you to Foxify Help Center in a single click, where you can find useful user guides and articles to master Foxify.

The Sidebar

1. Dashboard

Click on the tab to quickly get back to the Foxify Dashboard.

2. Pages manager

Access the list of the corresponding page types or all pages by clicking the tabs:

  • Home pages

  • Regular pages

  • Product pages

  • Collection pages

3. Theme manager

This is where you can access your Menu list, translate your Foxify Languages, and adjust the Theme settings.

4. Global styles

Set predefined styles for Colors, Typography, and Buttons.

Learn more here:

Global styles

5. App extensions

Check out integrated third-party apps and built-in extensions for upsells and cross-sells available in Foxify page builder.

Learn more here:

App extensions

6. Analytics

Advanced analytics and reports ensure that your Foxify pages are performing at their best.

Learn more here:

🦄Analytics 🔥

7. Settings

Check out your Account details, Plan details, and Your library (to manage your saved templates, sections, icons, and fonts).

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