What is Foxify?

A brief overview of Foxify - smart conversion-focused page builder
Welcome to Foxify!
In this article, we will walk you through the key features and potential of Foxify

What is Foxify?

Foxify is a smart page builder that lets you create a stunning and high-converting eCommerce website effortlessly with no coding or design skills needed.
With Foxify, you can build any page type with more control and sheer customizability.
Foxify empowers users with a wide range of features that go beyond limited templates and restrictive default options of the available themes, including:
  • 80+ high-converting templates
  • AI-powered features
  • Built-in upsell, cross-sell, and sales-boosters extensions to boost the store's conversion rate

Why Foxify?

Foxify is a versatile and intuitive page builder that suits both novice and tech-savvy users.
You can easily customize and publish a page in minutes without any coding and design expertise needed. However, if you're familiar with code and want to make further customization, Foxify supports custom HTML/ CSS/ Javascript - Feel free to go creative!

Highlight features

Professionally ready-to-use templates and section presets

Get started instantly with Foxify's extensive library, and mix and match sections to create the style that resonates with your brand. All premade templates, sections, and blocks are designed and coded by our UX/UI experts.
Foxify templates library

Conversion-driven features

Foxify gives access to lots of stunning section presets, built-in extensions, and integrations that boost sales.
  • Charming display: Image with text, Slideshow, Lookbook, Video, Image banner, etc.
  • Encouraging sales: Handpicked products, Countdown timer, Testimonials, Add-to-cart button, and more.
  • Creating branding consistency: Global styles.
  • Collecting leads: Newsletter, Social links.
  • Improving SEO: Title and meta description, Social sharing image, Image alt text - to make sure your page is well-ranked to search engines.

Fully compatible with all Shopify themes and Online Store 2.0

We develop to adapt - not break your original setup. With Foxify, you will create a streamlined experience across your store.

Responsive in mind

In a world of growing mobile consumers, making sure that your site is perfect across all devices is crucial. Keeping that in mind, all Foxify sections are responsive by default to help your business attract, engage, and retain - without barriers.
To preview your content on different screen sizes (Desktop/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile), use the device mode selector at the top of the editor.
For a higher level of customization, Foxify lets you hide or show specific sections based on specific screen sizes, giving you full power to tailor your digital brand experiences.

Page revisions

The appearance of websites is always changing and evolving. After all, trial and error is a great method for experimenting with new designs and inspiration. With this in mind, Foxify offers Page revisions feature, allowing you to roll back your page to any previously saved version of your content.

App extensions

A powerful and intuitive feature to level up your user experience and boost sales.
With Foxify's App extensions, installing third-party apps and getting things running smoothly after just a few clicks are never easier. Foxify integrates with a wide range of other applications, which allows them to work natively with your template without adding any extra code.


At Foxify, we know that it's not just about page design. Being able to monitor and track your user's experience is also important for growth. That's the reason why Foxify offers extensive analytics and reports for Foxify templates: pageviews, sessions, total sales, etc.


Foxify is the first Shopify page builder that lets you translate the pages into multiple languages without the need for other third-party apps 🥳
You can easily translate your page content with the power of our AI-powered✨ Fox Magic ✨
Explore more here.
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Get Foxify support

Foxify support is a service provided by FoxEcom.
Our customer success team is always here to assist you every step of the way!
We take all the requests and issues reported by customers into the highest priority and appreciate all feature suggestions.
Having support for Foxify means that we will be available to you, our customer, to iron out any potential issues or questions you have with Foxify.
Whether you're just starting or have been in business for a while, document guides are here to help. These resources will help you create your perfect online store with Foxify.
Our working hours: 8 am - 5 pm & 8 pm - 11 pm (GMT+7).
Browse our help docs for instant results.
If you have any questions beyond the scope of this article or need our help in general, feel free to contact us via in-app live chat or drop a message at [email protected].