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Pre-order allows (new and returning) customers to purchase an item that has yet to be released or is already out-of-stock.
The Pre-order feature is essential for online businesses to boost revenue by replacing the standard Out-of-Stock notification and testing demand before owners officially release a product.
This feature only works with Minimog version from v2.4.0 and above.
If your theme version is older than v2.4.0, kindly update the theme to the latest version.


1. Go to Shopify Admins > Products > Edit Variants, then:
  • Uncheck Track quantity option;
  • Or Check both Track quanity & Continue selling when out of stock options.
2. Go to FoxKit app > Choose Pre-order.
3. Click Add pre-order product to start.
4. Set the Status as Active, then choose the date and time to start and end the Pre-order.
5. Choose the product and the selected Pre-order product will then be switched to pre-order mode:
  1. 6.
    Set the Condition to show the Pre-order button either as:
  • Always enable: The Pre-order button shows on all product variants;
  • Quantity is out of stock: The Pre-order button shows for out-of-stock variants.
To set the Pre-order button for out-of-stock variants only, in your Shopify Products > Inventory, you must check both the options Track quantity and Continue selling when out of stock.
7. Choose Offer's discount as Percentage or Fixed amount.
8. Estimate time arrival informs customers when the product will be delivered to them
9. Merchants can change the message in the Translations settings.
10. Save the settings.