Related products

Showcase associated products when customers go to the target product page.

The Related products feature promotes other products without distracting customers, which helps in increasing online store sales.


Set up the feature

1. Go to FoxKit > FoxKit power > Choose Related products.

2. Click Create related products to start.

3. Write the title and section heading, and mark it as Active if merchants want to show the recommendation

4. Next, choose the suitable values for the "Target to" and "Recommended products"

  • All products: apply to all the products that the store has

  • Specific products: need to manually select the products

  • Specific collection: manually add the collection.

5. Save the settings.

Enable the feature in your storefront

The steps below are for Minimog 3.4.0 and older.

For Minimog version 3.5.0 and above, kindly follow this instruction:

How to set up FoxKit features

After setting up and activating the Related products feature in your Foxkit, you must add a corresponding section to show the recommendations you created.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Online store > Themes > Customize.

  2. In the theme editor, go to your product page and click Add section.

  3. Select [FoxKit] Related products section.

  1. Make changes to the Text alignment and section Layout settings if needed.

  1. Click Save.

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