How are Back-in-stock subscriptions and Subscribers list different? 🔥

The Back-in-stock alerts in FoxKit app offers instant notifications for shoppers when items are available and ready for purchase again. 🔔

You can also utilize this feature to capture shoppers' purchase intent and build your email list.

Back-in-stock subscriptions

Back-in-stock subscriptions are customers who sign up for the back-in-stock (BIS) form shown on your out-of-stock products.

Data collected via the BIS form can be saved in your Shopify customers list and/ or FoxKit subscriptions list.

To find this setting, go to Back-in-stock > Form settings.

If you activate email notifications for BIS (emails to be sent automatically when the product is re-stocked), data collection to be saved in FoxKit subscriptions list is required.

FoxKit Subscribers list

Data of customers who subscribe to your newsletter ✉️ will be stored in FoxKit > Subscribers.

You will also find subscribers of FoxKit's Pop-up and Lucky wheel there (if the feature's data collection is set as FoxKit subscribers list ) .

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