Sales notifications

In this article, you'll learn how to show notifications of recent sales of other customers.

The Sales notification feature motivates your customers to buy more, boosting average order revenue and sales records.

This is an influential selling tool to create a sense of a busy store and to build trust and credibility by letting customers know what other shoppers are buying.


  1. In FoxKit > FoxKit power > Choose Sales notifications

2. Activate the feature

Enable/ disable the status of the sales notification by checking/ unchecking the Active box. As the brand owner, you can decide whether to show them on mobile or not.

3. In Message settings:

Add the title and time for the sale message.

4. Choose the Data source

You can either use Mock data for the Sales pop-up, or show your store's Real orders data.

  • Mock data:

    • Add Random names and Random locations for your sales notifications. Separate them by a comma.

    • Then, set the products you want to show by selecting a collection or products.

  • Real orders data:

    • To show the information of your real orders, hit Sync orders.

    • You can also check the option Auto sync with real orders data to automatically sync your actual orders data in this feature.

The display time will not be based on real-time order of your customers, but it depends on your Display settings.

5. Display settings

Set up the duration time for notifications, the number of notifications, and their placement on the site.

6. Save the settings.

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