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Volume discounts

Offer reduced per-unit price
The Volume discounts feature provides you with bulk discounts - so you can apply bulk, tiered, and volume discounts on every page now.
This offer encourages customers to purchase in large quantities.


1. Go to FoxKit > Choose Volume discounts.
2. Click Create offer to start.
3. Add a title and offer heading in the blank field. To hide this bulk discount, uncheck the Active box.
4. Determine when the offer will show:
  • All products: apply to all the products that the store has
  • Specific products: need to manually select the products
  • Specific collection: manually add the collection.
5. Choose the quantity and discount percentage or fixed amount sale on each product. Can choose Add more offer for a larger amount.
6. Save the settings.
If your Minimog theme version is 3.5.0 or above, make sure you follow these extra steps in order that the feature can be displayed on the storefront.