Volume discounts

Volume discounts offer reduced per-unit price, boosting bulk purchases and inventory clearance.

The Volume discounts feature provides you with bulk discounts - so you can apply bulk, tiered, and volume discounts on every page now.

This offer encourages customers to purchase in large quantities.


  1. Go to FoxKit > FoxKit power > Choose Volume discounts.

  2. Click Create offer to start.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.


Title and Status

Check the Active box if you want to use the volume discount offer or uncheck it to save them for the next time.

Give the offer a title so you can easily distinguish it from other campaigns. The offer title will not be shown on the storefront.

Discount tiers

  • Set the quantity and discount.

Discounts will apply when adding X of the same products.

  • Discount types are:

    • Fixed price discount - E.g. Get $10.00 Off on each product;

    • % off - E.g. Get 10% off on each product.

You can choose Add more button to offer a larger amount.

  • Highlight: Check the option to highlight the offer you want to recommend to your shoppers as "Most popular".


Select the layout you want for your offer. There are three different layouts for the feature:

Access to the layouts will depend on your current plan.

Go to FoxKit > Plan to check your plan details.

Then, fill in the information you want to show on your offer to attract customers.

There are pre-defined variables to show dynamic information. Select See variables option to see available variables.

Standard layout

Let customers quick add a number of certain product quantity to get discount.

If the product has variants, the selected variants will be added in bulk when customers select the 'Add to cart' button in the feature.

The discount will still be applied if customers select a total of certain (tier's min quantity) product variants of the same item and add to cart manually.

Rich layout

You can enable the variant selector in this layout, allowing customers to add different variants of the product to get discount.

Cards layout

Showcasing the volume discount offer in cards.

In Cards layout, you can hide the 'Add to cart' button of the offer by selecting the corresponding option.

This allows you to use the theme's Add to cart button directly to add the targeted product in bulk .

Tip: In this case, you should hide the Quantity selector from your current product details as they now can select the quantity using Volume discount table.

Display on

Select the target product(s) or a collection that you want to apply discount.

  • All Products – display the volume discount for all products available in your store;

  • Specific products – select single or few products for which you want to offer volume discount;

  • Specific collection – choose this if you want to show volume discount for all products available in a spcific collection.

Once you have done setting up your Volume discount offer, follow these steps in order that the feature can be displayed on the storefront.

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