1. Go to Shopify admin > Apps.

  2. Select FoxKit > Click Settings at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.


Discount method

This section provides 3 discount methods for merchants to choose from:

  • Use Shopify functions

  • Use discount code

  • Use draft order

Use Shopify functions

Allow FoxKit to create an automatic discount and work as a native discount code of Shopify.

For Minimog theme users, this setting is only available on Minimog v3.5.0 onwards.

Use discount code

Provide a one-time-use discount code that is created in Shopify backend for the orders when customers are at the checkout.

Learn more about Shopify's Discount code here.

You can either combine FoxKit discounts with other discount codes or not.

Use draft order

Draft orders are the ones that merchants create on behalf of their customers.

To learn more about draft orders, visit this Shopify help article.

A draft order with discounted prices will be created for customers to check out if they are eligible for FoxKit's offer.

When the Discount method = Use draft order, you cannot combine FoxKit discount with other discounts created in Shopify admin.

If a FoxKit discount is already applied to their cart, shoppers won't be able to enter another one.

Store details

This section informs how we will contact you - in case of product updates, newsletters, and emergencies.

Custom sender email

Set the email address to send notifications to customers (Back-in-stock email alerts).

Elements CSS selectors

Set and change CSS selectors for FoxKit features to ensure that they integrate correctly with your theme.

You can modify the CSS selector for:

  1. Product form.

    • For example: .product-form, form[action*="/cart/add"]

  2. Add to cart button.

    • For example: button[name="add"], button.add-to-cart

  3. Cart summary: We use it for rendering the Free shipping badge inside.

    • For example: .cart__footer .totals

  4. Cart subtotal price: We use it to update the cart subtotal price whenever the cart is updated.

    • For example: .totals__subtotal-value

  5. Cart item count: We use it to update the item count whenever the cart is updated.

    • For example: .cart-count-bubble

Execute with caution if you are not familiar with CSS code.

Custom code

Add custom code to your store, such as tracking code or custom CSS.

There are two fields for you to add custom code:

  • Custom CSS: In this field, you don’t need to wrap code inside <style> tags. Moreover, CSS code autocomplete. This field allows users to add custom CSS code to the storefront more easily.

  • Custom code before </head>: To make the code work correctly, you must wrap your code inside <script> or <style> tag.


Customize your FoxKit's features design for Buttons, and Colors.


Integrate FoxKit with your other apps like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, or SendGrid using the app's API KEY.

This lets you save the data collection in FoxKit (Lucky wheel, Popup, Back-in-stock alerts) to the aforementioned app.

Go to the feature settings > Data collection to set where the subscribers' information is stored.

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