Variant group images

In this article, you'll learn how to display multiple variant images of the selected variants option.

The Variant group images feature lets you associate multiple images with one variant. Only the images related to the selected variant will be displayed. This feature keeps the product pages clean and professional.

The Variant group images feature is only available for:

If you're still on an older version of Minimog, go to FoxHome to update your theme to use this feature.


  1. Go to FoxKit > Choose Variant group images.

  2. Choose the product you want to use the Variant group images feature and add variant images by ticking the checkboxes or uploading new images > click Update.

Drag and drop to organize the selected images.

By default, the order of the images will follow what you set in Shopify Products > Product media.

3. Open your theme editor (Customize) > Products > Default product.

4. In Product information settings, select Enable variant group images.

5. Click Save to finish.

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