Translate my FoxKit features 🔥

Translate FoxKit in any languages

Expose your business to international audiences with our Translation feature 🇻🇳🇧🇷🇫🇷

FoxKit app offers the flexibility of aligning your upsells/ cross-sells with your brand's messaging and language preferences.

Change the default wording in FoxKit

By default, FoxKit features come in English.

Change the default app content

You can access the Translation > Default app content to:

  • Change the default wording in your templates for your default language, or

  • Translate them into multiple languages.

Feature settings

If you have a single-language store and want to adjust content shown in FoxKit features but some parts are nowhere to be found in FoxKit's Default app content, check out the feature settings for those parts specifically.

Below are some examples:

Back-in-stock alerts

Learn how to stop customers from abandoning their carts or searching elsewhere when an item is out of stock with the Back-in-stock alerts feature:

pageBack-in-stock alerts

Cart countdown

Boosts conversions by creating a sense of excitement and motivates them to take action:

pageCart countdown

In-cart settings

Leverage the In-cart upsells to show customers complementary items they'll love here:

pageIn-cart upsell

Translate FoxKit features into multiple languages

Easily translate your FoxKit features in multiple languages with the powerful Translation feature, no coding skills are needed.

To add a new language, visit Shopify admin > Settings > Languages (Unpublished languages).

In your Translation section, select a FoxKit power you wish to translate to other languages.

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