Product bundles

Offer two or more goods or services as a package deal for a discounted price.

The Product bundles feature lets you create pre-defined bundles, or give shoppers an option for a bundle builder on every page.

This helps sell more items by suggesting to customers an attractive combo on every page.

💡: Suitable for displaying in the Product information section, alongside the product media.


  1. Go to FoxKit > FoxKit power > Choose Product Bundles.

  2. Click Create bundle to start.

  3. Make necessary changes.

  4. Save.


Title and Status

Check the Active box if you want to use the bundle or uncheck it to save them for the next time.

Give the bundle a title so you can easily manage it in the app settings.

Add products to the bundle

Search and add the products that you want to include in your bundle. Set the quantity you want for each item in the bundle.

Draft products and out-of-stock products won't be displayed on the bundle on your storefront.

The bundles can show on all selected products or only a targeted product.

Offer discount

Choose to activate discount to promote a discount offer.

Select the type of discount and enter the discount value. The discount value will be applied to each item.

Customers don't need to buy all the offered products to get a discount.

Instead, they can choose the products they need and check out.

The discount is applied when 2 or more products in the bundle are added to the cart.


  • Choose a design template for your bundle.

Some layouts will only be available on plan Growth and Enterprise.

See FoxKit pricing plans.

  • Set an Image ratio for the product image:

    • Adapt to product image;

    • Square;

    • Portrait;

    • Landscape.

  • Selected by default: Enable pre-select the recommended products or let customers build the bundle themselves by selecting the products from your list.

  • Show quantity selector: Allow customers to change the quantity of each product on the bundle.

If you want to require customers to purchase a certain quantity of products, you can uncheck the option to hide the quantity selector. In that case, the quantity of the item in the bundle that customers add depends on the pre-selected quantity you set above.

  • Insert your Bundle heading that will appear above your bundle and the Add to cart button label.

Once you have set up your bundle, go to your theme editor and add the corresponding app widget.

See How to set up FoxKit features

FoxKit will display the first in-stock variant by default.

However, FoxKit shows a built-in variant selector to let your visitors change the variant before adding the bundle to their shopping cart.

Note: You can change the order of the default variants in your Shopify admin

> go to the specific product you would like to modify

> locate the 'Variants' section

> re-organize the product variants as you like.

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