How to set up FoxKit features

A guide to set up your FoxKit's features in the updated versions

For Minimog users: Due to some changes in the Shopify Partners Agreement, FoxKit app needs to be updated, resulting in some changes in how the app's plugin works with the theme from Minimog v3.5.0 onwards.

If your Minimog theme version is 3.4.0 and older, ignore this article.

To make sure FoxKit features can work well on your storefront, follow the App settings requirements below.

Enable FoxKit Theme Helper

After installing FoxKit, you must enable FoxKit Theme Helper so that it can work with your Minimog theme:


  1. In your theme editor (Customize), locate App embeds on the left sidebar.

  2. Tweak the toggle to enable FoxKit Theme Helper.

  3. Click Save to finish.

Insert app blocks and sections

After activating and configuring the app features you want to use, go to the Minimog theme editor (Customize) and add the corresponding widgets using blocks or sections.


  1. In the theme editor (Customize), go to your product page.

  2. Add the feature's widgets:

- To add the feature as a section: click Add section > Apps > FoxKit - ... widgets.

- To add the feature as a block in the Product Information section: click Add block > Apps > FoxKit - ... widgets.

  1. Click Save.

Features that need to be added as blocks/sections in the product page template namely are:

  • Product bundles: FoxKit - Product bundles

  • Volume discounts: FoxKit - Quantity breaks

  • Related products: FoxKit - Related products

  • Countdown timer: FoxKit - Countdown timer

  • Stock countdown: FoxKit - Stock countdown

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