Free shipping goal

A guide to displaying a free shipping offer with a cart progress bar to motivate customers to buy more!

Motivate customers to buy more by emphasizing the free shipping offer using FoxKit's Free shipping goal feature. With a free shipping bar progress, it’s easier than ever to set cart value goals and keep customers engaged and willing to spend more.


1. Go to FoxKit > FoxKit power > Choose Free shipping goal.

2. Insert the desired amount that customers need to reach and check the Active box.

  1. Select the Discount strategy:

By default, the discount method used for this feature will be the Shopify function.

If you want to use shipping rates for your free shipping discount, you have to configure free shipping rates based on order value matching the goal amount entered above.

  1. Add Motivational and Reached messages to display on the front end.

  2. Save the settings.

The feature only works when your products are physical products.

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