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Products bundles

Offer two or more goods or services as a package deal for a discounted price.
The tutorial is for Minimog version 3.5.0 and older
The Product bundles feature lets you create pre-defined bundles, or give shoppers an option for a bundle builder.
This helps sell more items by suggesting to customers an attractive combo on every page.
Layout 1 - Inside the product information
Layout 1 - Outside the product information
Layout 2 - Inside the product information
Layout 2 - Outside the product information


1. Go to FoxKit > Choose Product Bundles.
2. Click Create bundle to start.
3. Check the Active box if merchants want to use the bundle or uncheck it to save them for the next time. Add bundle heading and title for easy management.
4. Search and add the desired product to the bundle. Merchants can also choose to show the bundle when customers visit the target product.
5. Select the layout and how the bundle displays on the product detail page. The 2 layouts have been added at the top of the page.
6. Choose to activate a discount to promote the discount percentage or in a fixed amount.
To combine with other product discount codes, configure your FoxKit Settings.
7. Save the settings.
If your Minimog theme version is 3.5.0 or above, make sure you follow these extra steps in order that the feature can be displayed on the storefront.