Payment, Process, & Policy

Affiliate Lead Registration

While we prioritize the integrity of our Affiliate Program, it's important to outline certain lead generation practices that FoxEcom does not count as valid:

  • Bot-generated Leads: Leads generated by automated bots or scripts with the intention of artificially inflating referral numbers.

  • Non-Genuine Purchase/ Subscriptions: Purchases of the product made by individuals who have no genuine interest in using the product and only subscribe to generate commission for the Affiliate.

  • Misleading Promotions: Leads generated through misleading or deceptive promotional tactics, such as promising incentives or rewards for installation without disclosing the true purpose.

  • Incentivized Purchase/ Subscriptions: Leads are obtained by offering incentives or rewards to users for installing the product, where the user's primary motivation is the incentive rather than genuine interest in the product.

  • Duplicate Leads: Leads generated by the same individual or device through multiple clicks on the Affiliate Link within a short period, with the intention of artificially inflating referral numbers.

  • Fraudulent Conversions: Purchases made using stolen payment information or other fraudulent means to complete the transaction.

  • Non-Compliant Leads: Leads obtained through methods that violate the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program or applicable laws and regulations.

  • Inactive or Dormant Leads: Leads that do not engage with the product or demonstrate any meaningful usage after installation, indicating a lack of genuine interest or intent to use the product.

Affiliates need to adhere to ethical and lawful practices when promoting products and generating leads. FoxEcom reserves the right to investigate and reject any leads that are deemed fraudulent, misleading, or non-compliant with the terms of the Affiliate Program.

Commission Structure

In the FoxEcom Affiliate Program, we operate on a "Pay-per-Purchase" payment model. This means that for every Affiliate Conversion, you'll receive a corresponding Affiliate Share.

Your Affiliate Share is determined by the value of the app's upgrade and is calculated based on the commission rate. This commission rate represents the percentage of net revenue from one app upgrade that you'll receive.

Here's how the monthly commission is calculated:

Commission=CommissionRateNetRevenueCommission = Commission Rate * Net Revenue

  • Net Revenue = Subscription price - Shopify Fee 3%

The commission rate remains fixed for all paid plans for apps. Therefore, the higher the plan your merchant upgrades to, the more you'll earn.

The commission rate varies across different affiliate tiers as outlined in the table here. The more referrals you make, the higher the rate you can receive.

For a successful referral (affiliate conversion) of a yearly subscription, you will receive a 20% one-time share of the plan value.

  • For example: Your customer subscribes to Foxify Growth plan ($278.4/ year). You will receive a one-time payout of ($278.4 - Shopify fee) * 20%

For FoxEcom apps, you can accumulate referrals from both Foxify app and FoxKit app to move up the level.

  • For example: You successfully referred 15 paid users for Foxify and 7 paid users for FoxKit, totaling 22 paid users for FoxEcom apps. Your commission level will be upgraded to Gold.

    • Referral #2 to #20 will be commissioned based on the Classic level.

    • Referral #21 to #50 will be commissioned based on the Gold level.

For FoxEcom themes, your number of referrals is counted every month and will be reset monthly.

  • For example: You successfully referred 7 paid customers for Minimog theme and 3 paid customers for Megamog theme.

    • For Minimog theme, your commission level is Classic, counting referral #6 and #7.

    • For Megamog theme, your commission level is Classic, counting referral #2 and #3.


  • Free plans and trial periods are ineligible for consideration. Upgrades must constitute a paid subscription and surpass the trial duration to be deemed as conversions.

  • Transaction fees or usage charges are not included in the calculation; solely monthly subscriptions are accounted for apps.

  • In the event of a refund for an upgrade, your commission will be deducted accordingly from the respective subscription.

Payment Process

  • Commissions will be paid in USD.

  • Commissions will be available for withdrawal on the last day of each month (30th or 31st).

  • Once the billing is initiated in the referral’s account, there’s an on-hold period of 14 days afterwards to make sure the conversion is complete and no refund or accidental conversion has been made.

    • In case the referral’s conversion doesn’t go through (because they ask for a refund, terminate the subscription abruptly, or the payment doesn’t go through due to bank or related issues) within 14 days after the billing completion, the referral is not counted as a successful affiliate conversion.

  • Affiliate partners can withdraw commissions using any method compatible with our affiliate system (PayPal or Payoneer).

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