Trademark Usage Guideline

FoxEcom Trademark

The FoxEcom Trademark includes words, logos, graphics, designs, and other indicators that identify FoxEcom as the source of a product or service. All use of the FoxEcom Trademark must be done in accordance with these guidelines (the “Trademark Usage Guideline”) and the FoxEcom brand guidelines found below.

General Rules

Always use the FoxEcom Trademark in accordance with these Trademark Guidelines, the Brand Guidelines, as well as any other guidelines FoxEcom has or may provide to you in the future. All rights granted to you to use the FoxEcom Trademark require that you specify that the FoxEcom Trademark belongs to FoxEcom. FoxEcom can modify or revoke at any time, in our sole discretion, any permission or license we grant you to use the FoxEcom Trademark.

Permitted Use

The FoxEcom Trademark may be used solely to identify and promote FoxEcom products and services.

The FoxEcom Trademark may be used in marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and promotional activities with prior approval from FoxEcom.

Prohibited Use

The following actions involving the FoxEcom Trademark are not permitted. Please refrain from:

  • Using the FoxEcom Trademark in a manner that suggests or implies an endorsement, sponsorship, partnership, or affiliation where no such relationship exists.

  • Incorporating the FoxEcom Trademark (including FoxEcom’s name) into your business name, app name, website name, domain name, social media handle, or any other source.

  • Replicating FoxEcom’s visual identity or logo, or imitating its look and feel, by incorporating the FoxEcom Trademark or anything confusingly similar into your own trademark, logo, product or service name, business name, trade name, website domain, or slogan.

  • Featuring the FoxEcom Trademark in connection with pornography, illegal activities, or other content that violates FoxEcom's Terms of Service.

  • Utilizing, displaying, or promoting FoxEcom program badges and credentials without approval from FoxEcom.


When using the FoxEcom Trademark, proper attribution is required. Use the following format:

"FoxEcom" is a registered trademark of FoxEcom, and are used here with permission.


FoxEcom reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized use or infringement of its Trademark. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in legal consequences.


For any questions or inquiries regarding the usage of the FoxEcom Trademark, please contact FoxEcom's legal department for assistance.

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