Intellectual Property Rights; Trademark Grant of Licenses

FoxEcom Assets

All FoxEcom Assets will be solely created and provided by FoxEcom unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing in advance. FoxEcom will provide Affiliates with copies of or access to FoxEcom Assets. The FoxEcom Assets may also be accessible from the FoxEcom Trademark Usage Guideline.

Our rights pertaining to FoxEcom Assets are safeguarded by intellectual property laws. FoxEcom Assets are owned by us or our licensors (if applicable), and as such, we maintain complete ownership rights over them. You agree not to engage in any unauthorized actions such as copying, renting, leasing, selling, distributing, or creating derivative works based on FoxEcom Assets or related materials, either in whole or in part, without our express written consent. FoxEcom, FoxEcom Apps/ Themes Design, FoxEcom logos (including apps' and themes’ logo), and other trademarks used by us are our exclusive property, and you are prohibited from using them without obtaining prior written permission from us, except as explicitly permitted in this Agreement.

Exceptions to this restriction may be made in cases where such information is requested by authorities, already disclosed, deemed necessary for accounting or other legal purposes, or subject to lawfully obtained disclosure rights.

Trademark Grant of Licenses

FoxEcom reserves the right to utilize your name and logo, without charge, on a global scale, and in a non-transferable, non-exclusive manner, in association with the FoxEcom Affiliate Program and this Agreement.

Throughout the duration of this Agreement, should we choose to grant you access to our trademark, you are permitted to use it under the following conditions:

  • Utilize the provided images of our trademarks without any alterations;

  • To use our trademarks in connection with the Affiliate Program and this Agreement;

  • Promptly comply with any requests from us to cease usage.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you strictly adhere to the prohibited use cases, including:

  • Refrain from employing our trademark in a misleading or derogatory manner.

  • Avoid utilizing our trademark in a manner that implies our endorsement, sponsorship, or approval of your services or products.

  • Abstain from using our trademark in violation of applicable laws or in connection with topics or materials deemed obscene, indecent, or unlawful.

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