Unless specifically defined elsewhere in this Agreement, capitalized terms within the Agreement hold the following meanings:

  • “FoxEcom Affiliate”/ “Affiliate Partner”/ “Affiliate” refers to an individual or organization that has agreed to participate in the FoxEcom Affiliate Program, aiming to promote FoxEcom’s products and services in exchange for receiving commissions.

  • “FoxEcom Affiliate Program” or "Fox Affiliate Program" refers to FoxEcom marketing affiliate program as described to promote FoxEcom products and services.

  • “FoxEcom Affiliate Agreement” refers to the legal document outlining the terms and conditions to be adhered to by both FoxEcom and the Affiliate.

  • “FoxEcom Assets” refers to the information, including our apps, text, graphics, trademark, and related materials, which are all rights reserved by us.

  • “Affiliate Link” refers to the unique referral link provided to each Affiliate for tracking purposes

  • “Affiliate Lead”

    • For FoxEcom apps: “Affiliate App Lead” refers to a paid user who has clicked on the Affiliate Link and subsequently subscribed to our product.

    • For FoxEcom themes: “Affiliate Theme Lead” refers to a customer who has purchased our product and owns a unique license code.

  • “Affiliate Conversion” refers to an Affiliate Lead who has made an upgrade to a paid plan of FoxEcom apps.

  • “Partner Share” refers to the percentage of the Net Revenue that the Affiliate will receive.

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