🐯Page Editor

An overview of Foxify Page editor

The Top bar

Exit button

Click the Exit button on the upper left corner to go back to your Foxify Manage pages section.

More actions

Template selector

Quickly access other templates you created in Foxify.

Device mode selector

To preview your content at different screen sizes (Desktop/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile), use the device mode selector at the top of the editor.

Undo & Redo buttons

Page Actions: Save, Preview, Publish, and more

Page actions buttons are in the top right corner of the Editor.

Save: Hit the Save button to save all your changes.

Although Foxify provides autosave every few minutes, we highly recommend you click Save regularly while you are editing.

Preview: After saving your progress, you can quickly check how the templates look before publishing, using the Preview button.


To publish the templates, you must enable Foxify Theme helper in your theme settings. For more information, see this article.

  • For Home pages: hit Publish to sync your edits with your live store.

  • For Product pages, Landing pages, and Collections pages: hit Publish to save templates in your Shopify live theme.

You can either publish your page right away or schedule the time.

To schedule a publish time for your template, simply click Publish > Publish later and set the date and time. After that, hit Set schedule to finish.

More actions:

  • View live page: Click on this button to see your current live storefront.

For Product pages, Collections pages, and Regular pages, the live page follows their assigned templates as you set in your Shopify admin.

  • Unpublish: unpublish your published templates.

  • Save as template: learn more here.

  • Export as template: export your page as a template.json file.

  • Import/Export your page: learn more here.

The Left Sidebar

Page title

Check out the page title to make sure you're editing the right one. You can change your page title at the given time in Page settings.

Element menu

Add section

Quickly browse the list of Foxify pre-made sections and add them to the editing page.

Page outline

Page outline is the record of sections and blocks used on your template.

You can easily navigate to the section you want to edit by clicking the name of that section.

In the page outline, click on the three-dot icon next to the section/block name to hide, duplicate or delete the section/block.

If you choose to hide any section, the hidden section will be blurred out in the page outline.

Page templates

View and change the current template.

Please be aware that once you choose to apply a new template, the new option will override your current editor content.

App extensions

Quick access to the App extensions list. To learn more about this feature, check this article.

Page revisions

Check your page history and quickly roll back to any previous versions of your content.

The number of available page revisions depends on your current Foxify plan.

To view your plan details, click here.

Custom code

You can add custom code to your template.

Custom codes only apply to the pages which use this template.

Check SEO score

You can check the SEO score of the current page with one click.

Provide what you need to improve and fix on your page to improve your SEO score's page.

Theme settings

You can use Theme settings to make changes to your templates' layout, card settings, currency format, and so on.

The Configuration bar

General settings tab

This tab displays the functional parameters of the selected element.

Styles settings tab

All elements come with options for styling. In styles settings, you can adjust the content box styles, typography, spacing, opacity, etc., or add custom CSS.

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