Learn to create Tabs to organize content into meaningful sub-sections.

Tabs provide an easy-to-understand way to organize content, especially when dealing with large amounts of information or multiple categories.

Moreover, it allows users to easily navigate between different sections, helps you reduce page length, and ensures mobile-friendliness for visitors.

Customize a Tabs section

The Tabs section allows you to add a maximum of 5 Content tab blocks.

Content tab

Give the Content tab block a concise and clear Tab name. e.g. Product details

Especially, users can add any child block to the Content tab block such as Grid - Columns, Block, etc, and build a tab content without limitation.

Create a Content tab

Here is a typical example of the Content tab block with limitles possibility:

This Content tab block below contains 2 main child blocks: Grid and Testimonial content.

  • First, in the Grid block, you can add as many as Columns you want to display with different content inside such as Text, Heading, Image, or even Collapsible row, etc.

  • Second, you will see a big Testimonial content block at the bottom of the tab. You can also replace this block with other types of block or even add more.

This is the result of the example above:

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