Combine images, text, and call-to-action buttons in your slideshow section

What is a slideshow

A slideshow is a quick and interactive way to showcase content and information on your site. Slideshow lets you display your most popular products/collections or shout out about what's new with a call-to-action button.

Customize a slideshow

After adding a slideshow section, you can start customizing it to your liking.

Section settings


You can choose your Container type as Fixed width/Full width/Narrow width/Extended width.

Slide height

There are 5 options for the slide height to choose from:

  • Adapt to image

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Custom height.

If you choose Custom height, use the toggle to adjust the slide height value between 0 and 800 px.

Check the corresponding boxes if you want to enable navigation and/or pagination on your slideshow.

Please note, navigation and/or pagination show when you have two or more image slide blocks in your slideshow.

You can also make your slideshow's content auto-rotate and set the duration time (between 1 and 10s).

Mobile layout

Block settings

A Slideshow section includes:

  • Image slide

  • Video slide

  • Image only with link

Each Image slide/Video slide comes with a heading, text, and button child blocks. After adding a child block, click on it to customize.


Select a text style from your Global styles, then add text for Heading and adjust its tags if needed.

Text and Rich text

Similarly, you can choose your text styles and add text for your Text block.


Add a button to direct your visitors to your desired page. Choose a button style from your Global styles; add the button's label, links, and icon (optional).

You can also set the icon position as left or right.

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