Product tabs

A guide to feature products from hand-picked collections

Product tabs can be a great way to showcase your highlighted collections in one section.

Content settings

Click Add tab to add a new tab to your Product tabs section.

To each of the tabs, select your Collection and add the Tab title if needed.

Then, select your Tabs header style to your liking and the number of products to show on each tab.

  • Tabs header style:

  • Divider: This option is available when the Tabs header style is Inline style 1.

Product card settings

Customize your Card style, Image aspect ratio, and Text alignment. You can either set them as Inherit from theme settings or otherwise.

Device responsiveness

The section also comes with settings for the Desktop layout and Mobile layout separately.

Desktop layout

  • Number of columns per tab: between 1 and 12.

  • Column gap: between 0 - 100px.

Mobile layout

  • Number of columns: to display the products in 1 or 2 columns.

  • Column gap (when the number of columns is set as 2 columns): between 0 - 50px.

  • Swipe on mobile: when enabled, the number of columns you set earlier will no longer work.

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