Google Map

A guide to embed a Google Map to show your location

Using a Google Maps widget on your site can help consumers locate your business and improve the overall user experience.

After adding a Google map section to your template, you can start configuring and adding details to it.

For the maps to display correctly, make sure you register a Google Maps API Key.

See Get API key.

Customizing your map

  • Container:

    • Fixed width

    • Full width

    • Narrow width

    • Extended width

  • Maps address: Input your address/location.

  • Map style: Standard/Dark/Light/Grayscale/Retor/Aubergine

  • Map zoom: between 10-20.

  • Map overlay opacity: between 0-100%.

  • Map height: determine the height of the map as:

    • Small

    • Medium

    • High

    • or Custom height and input a value in px.

Adding details to your map

You can add a title and a description to your map location using blocks. This can be great for letting your visitors know what the location is, and any other additional details that you might need to include.

Use the Content settings to customize the Content position and Text alignment.

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