Featured collection

Display products from a selected collection in an engaging and attractive section

Featuring collections can help merchants promote sales for a list of targeted products.

A featured collection section has two blocks, namely: Section header and Product grid.

Section header

Use this block to give your section a heading, subheading, or description if needed.

Product grid


First things first, select a collection and adjust the number of products you want to display (between 2 and 24).

Then, choose your favorite card style and image aspect ratio. You can either set them as inherited from theme settings or use other options.

Desktop and Mobile layout

Create a perfect section across all devices by adjusting your desktop layout and mobile layout settings.

Un-check Enable swipe on mobile to display your products as a grid in mobile view.

Slider settings

You can also enable the carousel on the desktop using the Slider settings (the number of products to show > the number of columns).

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