🐦Sections & Presets

An overview of Foxify sections and powerful section presets

What is a section?

Similar to Shopify sections, Foxify sections are modules that you use to customize the layout of your online store.

Unlike Shopify sections, Foxify sections deliver a wide range of blocks with sheer customizability, allowing you to adjust every detail and create a layout you're happy with.

With Foxify, every little detail matters.

Add a section

Add a new section to any page in your online store.


  1. From your Foxify dashboard, click on the template you want to edit.

  2. In the template editor, click Add section in the left sidebar or + Add section at the end of the page outlines.

  3. Select a new section from the list or use the Search bar to search for a specific term.

  4. Click on the new section to edit the blocks within the section.

  5. Make necessary changes.

  6. Click Save.

What are section presets?

Foxify brings you a powerful and high-converting list of section presets that have been used for thousands of online stores.

You can get inspired by those presets (updated regularly) to create your ideal section and bring a stellar user experience.

Save a custom section as a preset

After creating the section you're happy with, you can save and reuse it on other pages with Foxify.


  1. After customizing a section, click on that section

  2. In the General settings tab, navigate to the Section preset section

  3. Select the More actions button

  4. Click Save as preset.

You will then see the saved presets in the corresponding section preset list.

Use a section preset


  1. After adding a section to your page, click on that section to select preset.

  2. In the section's general settings tab, select Change preset.

  3. Hover on the presets, hit Preview to see if it suits you, and click Select to add a preset.

  4. Click Use this preset anyway and customize the section to your liking.

  5. Hit Save to finish.

We are excited to have a regular update on our section and block library. Kindly check often for new sections and blocks!

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