Page settings

How to change the basic settings of a page

In this article, we will show you how to access your Foxify Page settings and what's included in this modal.

To begin, you will need to access your Foxify dashboard and select the page you would like to make changes to the Page settings.

How to access the Page settings


  1. In the page editor, click on the three-dot button in the top-right corner of the Top bar.

  2. The Page settings modal will be opened.

  3. Make necessary changes

  4. Save the settings.

What's included in Foxify Page settings

General settings

In the Page settings modal of all page types, there are two sections for you to set up:

  • Page title: You can change the title of the page here.

  • Page layout:

    • Theme layout: Use the header and footer of your Shopify theme.

    • Foxify layout: Add and customize your new header and footer in Foxify.

    • Blank layout: Use layout without the header and footer.

Seasoned settings

Beside Page title and Page layout as in other page types, you can change the following settings on Regular pages:

  • URL and handle:

Changing the URL (or handle, or page path) of your regular pages is super simple.

The page URL needs to be unique and can only consist of lowercase, letters, numbers, or dashes.

  • Title and meta description:

This settings section allows you to add your page's SEO title, SEO description, and add the page's social sharing image.

The recommended size for the social sharing image is 1200 x 628px .jpg or .png.

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