🦕Page layout: Header & Footer

Learn about Foxify page layouts

Page layout overview

You might want to keep your theme's layout (header and footer section) or create a new one, or even hide them occasionally on a given page to form a traditional landing page.

In Foxify, we provide you 3 options for page layout, which can be changed at any time with no coding required:

  • Theme layout: Use the header and footer of the theme.

  • Foxify layout: Use the header and footer of Foxify.

  • Blank layout: Create a template without the header and footer - aka, a traditional landing page.

Select the page layout for a new page template

After selecting Create template/Create blank template, Page settings modal popup will show.

Here, choose your page layout.

By default, your template uses your Shopify theme's header and footer.

Change the page template's layout

Changing the page layout of an existing template is simple.

On the top bar of Foxify page editor, click the gear icon on the Top bar > choose Page settings.

Then, select your desired page layout > hit Update.

For further assistance, feel free to contact us via in-app live chat or email.

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