Create a Landing page

In this article, we'll guide you on how to create an engaging Shopify landing page using Foxify Smart Pagebuilder

With Foxify, you can create any regular page or landing page.

Landing pages work as stand-alone pages in your store. Therefore, they can be used for multiple functions, such as About Us, Contact, Sales pages, etc.

When a new landing page is created in Foxify, it will show up in your Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages as well.

In this article, you will learn how to create a collection page template with Foxify.

Create a landing page using pre-made templates

  1. In Foxify dashboard, click Create page on the right side.

  2. Click Create regular page.

3. Then, in the templates library, click on the Preview button of each template to check if it fits your needs.

4. Click Select template and you will be directed to the page editor.

5. Config the Page settings > hit Save & create page and start customizing your landing page.

Create a landing page from scratch

As well as having the ability to select a pre-made template, you can also create your own templates. Once created, these templates will appear in your page list.

  1. In Foxify dashboard, select Create page > select Create regular page.

In the Templates library, click Create blank template.

2. Config the Page settings > hit Save & create page and start customizing your landing page.

Publish a landing page

When you're done customizing your page, hit Publish when you're ready to showcase your design.

You can find your newly created landing page in Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages.

Then, link the page to the store's navigation to display it on your storefront.

You need to enable Foxify Theme Helper in your Theme App embeds so Foxify can work well with your Shopify theme.

Unpublish a landing page

There are two simple ways to unpublish a Foxify landing page:

  • In your page listing, click Unpublish next to the name of the page.

  • In Foxify editor, hit Unpublish in the top-right corner.

After unpublishing a landing page, in your Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages, that page's visibility will be set as Hiddens.

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