Upgrade/ downgrade your plan

How to change your current Foxify plan

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Changing your plan anytime to suit your business needs is simple - just visit the Plan details page of your account.

Changes made to your plan are effective immediately.

Here's how to upgrade or downgrade your plan:

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, click Apps > Foxify. Click Settings on the left sidebar of the screen > select Plan.

Step 2: Once you're on the pricing plan page, pick the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to.

Step 3: You will then be directed to a Shopify page for subscription approval. Here, select Approve to finish.

Have questions or need advice on selecting a plan? Feel free to reach us via our in-app live chat or at happytohelp@foxecom.com.

What happens to your templates when you downgrade?

If you downgrade to a lower plan, all the templates that are over the usage limit of the new plan will be locked and no longer editable.

If you want to edit any locked page template, you can choose to unlock and edit that page based on your plan limit.

How to unlock a template

To unlock a locked template, go to the Manage pages section and check the boxes before the template names, then select Unlock.

Another way is to select a template you want to unlock. In the page editor, click Unlock on the popup

How does Foxify charge upgrades or downgrades?

If you upgrade or downgrade your plan in Foxify, the app will prompt you to agree to a new recurring app charge. This is because Shopify allows each app only one recurring app charge to be enabled at a time.

The existing recurring app charge will be cancelled and replaced by the new charge.

For more information, check out this article.

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