Manage multiple stores in FoxHome

In this article, you'll learn how to manage multiple Shopify stores (using Minimog theme and/or Megamog theme) in FoxHome.

Add a store to your account


  1. In your FoxHome account > choose Manage stores.

  2. In Store manager page, select Add Store.

  3. Fill in the information of another Shopify store that you want to use our theme on > hit Connect.

After this, the status becomes pending, and only the owner account can approve adding the store to FoxHome.

Next step as the owner


  1. Check your owner account's email (the email registered with your Shopify store)

  2. Approve the pending request to connect the store with FoxHome

  3. If you're approving the request for a guest user (your developer, manager, or staff account), you can edit the access permission of their account based on your preferences or business needs.

Next step as a guest user


  1. Contact the store owner and ask them to approve the pending request to connect the store with FoxHome

  2. You can ask the owner to grant you the permission to manage the store. In this step, the owner can edit the permission expiration date of your account.

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